Melanie writes Love Letters to express your love, friendship or thankfulness to your favourite person


No Regrets.

What would you say, if you could say it right now?

Most of us aren't good with words. But Melanie is legendary when it comes to love and appreciation - she's also a Marriage Celebrant after all. 

She'll extract the things you want to say (but can't) and put them all together in a letter of love or thankfulness from you. A few simple questions, a few simple steps, and you'll get a letter, perfectly tailored to send or give to someone whose greatness deserves acknowledgment. Written from the heart, these letters will be treasured and adored, and, unlike words which are fleeting, they're on permanent record, on hand, to be reread for a boost of love at any time. 


Write to mum, dad, grandparents, aunty or your best friend.
Read this example letter to a grandma.


Write to that wifey-to-be, hubby, a partner or longterm lover.
Read this example letter to a spouse.


Tell your staff or the star at the corner store, that you love the work they do! Read this example letter to an employee.

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Love Letter Express | Marriage & Engagement | express your love in a letter to your partner
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Love Letter Express | Friendship | write a letter to let a friend know how much you appreciate them
Love Letter Express | Work Colleagues | Tell your boss, employee, workmate how great they are at their job. Appreciation letter

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Say it with Love Letter Express

Whether it's just to say "the many ways I love you Mum", or a letter honouring someone special on their graduation or birthday, milestone or anniversary, Love Letter Express delivers what you would say, if you could say

Order a letter to express the many reasons why "I'm over the moon in love with you, my fiancé to be", a letter to support your vows - new or renewed, or even a letter to your employee because she nailed a busy workload. The possibilities for sharing loving, kind, and honouring words are as unlimited and vast as your connections. 

These are not just for lovey-dovey relationships either - send one to a friend to say thanks for being there, or to your teacher who impacted your life with his wisdom. What about your gratitude to the client who has referred so much business? Tell them you love what they do!

View sample letters

Take a look at some letters written by Love Letter Express for different types of relationships. 

​Send love to a loved one, or thanks to the appreciated one.

Whatever the reason, whatever the season, say it with a Love Letter Express.


Tell them today, no regrets!
Express how much you love, appreciate and adore your special person or how you love what they do with a Love Letter Express.
Melanie will write down what you can't put into words.

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