Sample Love What You Do Letter

If you've got a friend, colleague, employee or someone you just want to show your appreciation; a 'Love What You Do" letter is perfect! This example letter below was written to an employee after a particularly busy season after Covid Lockdown. The letter tells the employee how great she is at her job, and how grateful the employer is for her! Tell them how you Love What They Do!

Love What You Do Letter | Love Letter Express custom written to your employee, boss, friend or acquaintaince

Dear Joanna,

It’s high time I stopped and took a moment to tell you how grateful I am to have you on the eKo team. Not just on the team, I might add. You have the capability of being the team. Your commitment and skills, both interpersonal and practical, make up at least four wonder women - all in one Joanna. You shine in every category of employee ‘best qualities’.

I am grateful everyday knowing that you are an advocate for our shop. I even suspect that a few of your brain cells are still on the job on your days off. You are excellent at selling, and - what every retail business owner wants to hear - upselling. You have an innate understanding of the human condition, who is in the mood to spend, who needs uplifting with colour or style. Your sales skills are from the heart; you read your customer and simply serve her, with the best outcome for all.

But wait! When it comes to merchandising, Joanna, you are a rock star. I know you conjure designs in your spare time, and you never hesitate to loan your personal items for our window displays… the displays you make so amazing with your sharp eye for design.

You are dedicated, intelligent, capable and confident. Even confident enough to give me feedback on some of my crazy ideas, which is appreciated. You bring your own sense of flair to the shop, the customers like you (even the ones you don’t like), and you manage that rare balance of having fun at work while keeping the well-earned respect of other staff. 

So to sum up, Joanna, you are a quality human being, a wonderful woman, a great friend, and the most valuable employee I have ever known.

Too often we think good things about someone but never get around to saying them. It may be a bit overwhelming to hear it all at once like this, but it’s said! And I’m not taking it back. As of today, right here and now, on this letter you hold in your hands, is my absolute, heartfelt appreciation for you.

From, Rach

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"Because I’m so busy, being able to rely on my team is incredibly important to me.
I have an EXCELLENT team leader / manager who takes pride and care in my business, and knew I should acknowledge her worth, but... I didn’t want the excruciating pain of trying to write how I felt!

The Love Letter Express (Love What You Do letter to employee) was a great find and surprised me in a few ways. It was easy to do. It brought Joanna so much joy when she received her letter in the post, and it made me feel amazing too. This is something everyone should do for their business superstars. The impact is bigger than you’d think."

Rach xx


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