What would you say, if you could say it right now?

You can buy a Love Letter!

If you're not good with words, leave them in the hands of letter writing extraordinaire, Melanie!
She'll take the things you want to express (from a questionnaire) and put them together into a letter from you. Questionnaire got you stumped? Do the best you can, and Melanie will follow up. 

Buy a Love Letter and express your appreciation.

It's not all about mushy love either! If you've got an absolute superstar person in your life who does a fantastic job at your workplace or at being a great friend, send them a "Love What You Do" Letter! 


Write to mum, dad, grandparents, aunty or your best friend.
Read this example letter to a grandma.


Write to that wifey-to-be, hubby, a partner or longterm lover.
Read this example letter to a spouse.


Tell your staff or the star at the corner store, that you love the work they do! Read this example letter to an employee.

Love Letter Express | Celebration | write a letter
Love Letter Express | Marriage & Engagement | express your love in a letter to your partner
Love Letter Express | Anniversary & Birthdays | write a letter to celebrate your milestone
Love Letter Express | Friendship | write a letter to let a friend know how much you appreciate them
Love Letter Express | Work Colleagues | Tell your boss, employee, workmate how great they are at their job. Appreciation letter

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