Love What You Do Letter

Love Letter Express will write a letter of appreciation and thankfulness to your co-worker, employee, boss, friend or whomever it is that does a great job or is cared about.

Tell them how you Love What They Do!

Love What You Do Letter | Love Letter Express custom written to your employee, boss, friend or acquaintaince

How a Love Letter Express purchase works

Step One

Step One | Purchase a Love Letter Express

When you purchase a letter, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase.

In the confirmation email is a link to a questionnaire. This is really important to fill out as part of the purchase, so that your letter to your "Love What You Do" person is accurate!

Step Two

Step Two | Get your letter written by Love Letter Express

Melanie writes a letter tailored from you to your "Love What You Do" person using the questionnaire information - this is all totally confidential and is not shared in any other way. 

At this point, sit back and relax - the hard work is done!

Step Three

Step Three | The Love Letter Express is written and sent to your nominated person

Melanie will email you when the letter is ready. A printed letter is printed on top quality paper, popped into a matching envelope and posted directly to your "Love What You Do" person.

When purchasing, choose a format type: 

  • Digital only (emailed PDF)
  • Printed & Posted only
  • Combo: Both Digital (emailed PDF) and Printed & Posted.

If you haven't received the email or can't find the questionnaire, here it is!
You can contact Melanie at

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