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Honour your loved one with a 'Letter to a Lover' - it may be in the form of vows for your ceremony, or just to say 'I love you', there's all sorts of ways it can be used. This is an example from a fiancé to his fiancée for sharing on their wedding day.

Letter to a Lover | Love Letter Express custom written to your spouse, wife, vows

Well Amy, we made it! 

It’s our wedding day at our favourite place in New Zealand with all our favourite people here. We’ve managed to bring all the kids and put all our responsibilities on hold, except for the obligatory morning check of the sharemarket.

I think back to how far we’ve come since we first locked eyes at the Foxhole all those years ago. Chemistry? Check. Complications? Double check. I was the star of The Dad Show, and you were a shooting star, lighting up the place with your vibrancy, enthusiasm and love. Young, executive, single girl about town. 

But I knew a good thing when I saw it, Amy, and I hatched a plan to lure you into my galaxy. Cute kids, a bit of time in the bedroom (so, more cute kids), a very sincere attempt at the perfect Christmas presents and I knew you’d find a place in your heart for me. Even if it was based on sympathy for the bad gifts.

We’ve rocketed from strength to strength over the years, now 7 years as an official couple, and I love you more each passing day. I sit back with admiration as you hyper organise us for the days, weeks, months and years ahead. I watch you give selflessly of your time to help others. I watch you enjoy a good party, socialising with friends, enjoying your life and all the love around you. And boy, do I watch you nap. 

You amaze me, you inspire me, and you make me breathe a sigh of relief to know what you’ve got planned for us for the next 4 decades.

Amy,  as we grow together into the future I aspire to be a more relaxed parent like you. You know, ‘step over it’, ‘what’s a little mud’ and ‘oh, let them stay up.’ I aim to be more organised, unless you’d prefer to….keep the title?

I promise you my dedicated support with the family, time to yourself now and again. To savour your coffee. Alone in a closet. While it’s hot.

I promise to show you my love - by touch, words, time, acts of service and maybe not gifts. I will show you my love with no reservations or holding back. You keep your feet on the ground, babe. I will take all the risks.

Thank you for coming into my life. For lighting up my life and my future. For loving our wonderful whirlwind of a family.

Happy wedding day. I love you today and always.


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"I ordered a Love Letter Express each for my fiancé and I to have for our wedding day - they were amazing! They were such a perfect representation of us, we actually read them ourselves as our vows during our ceremony. I felt very comfortable and happy reading mine, as did Bejay! We had lots of great comments from our guests that they liked our Love Letter vows instead of ordinary vows."

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