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For a preview of what a Letter to a Relative is like, read the letter to a Nan below. This was from a granddaughter, with responses from a questionnaire, the letter writing process is seamless!

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Dear Nan,

You think I’m sulking in my room because you won’t make me pancakes for breakfast, but hiding in my room is part of my plan to secretly write you a letter of gratitude. First of all, since my thoughts are still on breakfast, I want to thank you for teaching me how to cook a lot of different foods. And since your food is so delicious, everyone wants to eat it all, and that’s how I learned it’s important to leave some for other people. You taught me food manners, Nan.

I am proud to be Maori, proud of my culture and history, and of my whakapapa. You have taught me the way we do things in our family and community, and also in our marae, and because of you, I will always know the importance of my family history. Actually, if you could sing, you would probably sing to me ‘Don’t Forget Your Roots’ by Six60. But don’t worry, I won’t forget my roots, so you don’t have to sing.

Nan, it makes me happy when I meet your friends. When you take me places with you, I see how much they like you. You are outgoing and adventurous, always willing to give it a go. You are funny, and make so many people laugh. You are also very smart and knowledgeable. I can see that your friends think you’re cool, and I do too. If I could inherit one thing from you, it would be your cool and outgoing nature, since I’m naturally shy.

I feel happy that you do lots of fun things, even though you’re busy at your job and even more busy keeping an eye on all of us. Your best solution for fun is taking us with you on your travels and adventures. 

Mostly in this letter I want to say I love you and I am proud you are my Nan. You are a young soul, always so much fun, and at the same time the wisest woman I know. Even though you and our family have gone through the most stressful time over the past three years, I have seen you hold your head up high and stay so, so strong.

I love you!


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